NCC - 73550

Commander Odessa Walking Bear

Name Odessa Walking Bear

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander


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Thu May 13th, 2021 @ 5:19pm

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human - Colonist
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8
Weight 130lbs
Hair Color Chestnut Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Odessa Walking Bear is a woman of high physical beauty, much like her siblings.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Michael Walking Bear - Diplomat
Mother Jane Walking Bear - Deceased
Brother(s) John Walking Bear - Civilian
Lee Yamaguchi - Starfleet - 50 years old. Julia's husband
James McTaggert, Marines - 50 years old. Heather's husband
Sister(s) Julia Yamaguchi - Starfleet - 48 years old
Samantha Walking-Bear - Starfleet - 45 years old
Heather Walking-Bear - Starfleet - 43 years old
Patricia Walking-Bear - Starfleet - 40 years old
Jennifer Pravdin - Starfleet - 38 Years old
Kalliope Walking-Bear - Starfleet - 33 years old
Korenna Walking Bear - Starfleet - 38 years old. Patricia's wife
Other Family There are several other Walking Bears. All of them call Alpha Centauri A/d home.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Odessa Walking Bear is a generally cheerful young woman who has much going for her, she is easy to get along with and easy to please however once angered, she becomes unreasonable and argumentative, she does carry her emotions on her sleeve and isn't subtle about things whatsoever on any levels at all. When needed, she has no trouble stepping up to the plate when needed and has an excellent work ethic which means she's mentally flexible.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: she is extremely goal-oriented. Has plans to make work. She also has work to get done as a result of those plans, when she's working. Leave her to it.

Weaknesses: she can sometimes lose herself in work. She is also quite easily distracted.
Ambitions She's happy with life. Her career is progressing well. She isn't interested in settling down at the present time but she is ready for it, should it happen.
Hobbies & Interests She'll try anything once. Her hobbies are many and varied as Walking Bear rotates them in and out to prevent boredom from settling in.

Personal History Odessa Walking Bear was born in 2366 on the world of Alpha Centauri Ad. Odessa and Kalliope were twins, both of them were Oops babies as her mother had not expected a sixth and seventh child. However, this did not deter Jane or Michael from welcoming and then raising these two children alongside her siblings who were all older. Odessa would naturally benefit from the lessons her parents had learned from raising her siblings. Like her siblings. Odessa was raised on Alpha Centauri Ad. A world rich in water and beaches, she grew up loving to swim in the seas and since the planet was warm from pole to pole, she didn’t need to wear a lot either so she grew up wearing very little in terms of clothing, her mindset reflects this mentality.

Walking Bear was always a practical woman as she joined the swim team in high school while she matured from a gawky child to a confidant and extremely good looking young woman. She and her team won two championships while she was in school but she was not the type who liked lots of cardio in her daily routine and eventually she dropped out of the swim team as she wanted to focus on her other interests.

Walking Bear discovered almost by accident that she had talents with fixing broken things at about age ten and over time, as she developed her skills, she came to love sitting in a workshop, repairing broken things. Odessa watched as both Sam and then Heather both went off into Starfleet. Jennifer did the same a couple of years later. Odessa wished to do the same alongside her twin. Kalliope.

When she graduated high school. Walking Bear instantly set an application to go to the academy. it was accepted and off she went to Earth where she not only encountered issues with men, she also encountered issues with the cold for the first time too. Walking Bear had been raised on a planet that was a good deal warmer than Earth was and it also was closer to its host star, so the skies were brighter. Earth’s skies were dimmer and only had the one star. All of this meant that Walking Bear needed to adjust for life on different worlds.

Walking Bear went to the Academy in 2384 and she would become an engineer. She worked her way through the schoolwork she would encounter, thinking that if she worked hard enough. Walking Bear could become another Scott or LaForge. To add to her already considerable workload. Walking Bear resumed taking her martial arts classes as she needed an expressive creative outlet.

Walking Bear graduated in 2388 and was assigned to the USS Nazaar, one of the newly commissioned Lafayette class destroyers, that were designed to succeed and eventually replace the older New Orleans class starships. Walking Bear learned a great deal about how Engineering worked and what didn’t work. What also helped her was that she decided to take four post-graduate classes to increase her skillsets which she took two at a time. The construction, repairs and maintenance of new warp cores was always a demanding science, so she took a class in this science. Walking Bear’s second class was regarding the uses of forcefields and shielding systems. The third and fourth was the issues and concerns with Federation ships power systems and EPS systems. The fourth was a medical extension course for general injuries on duty. Engineering can be a dangerous place to be working.

In early 2393, a posting opened on the USS Sceltor for an assistant chief engineering officer. Walking Bear was going to pass on the assignment offered to her but she was encouraged to consider otherwise by her section head who said she was due for promotion. If she had gotten it, she would have needed to stick in for reassignment anyway as she would hold a rank that was too high for the position she was holding. That and she did not need to hold herself back because she liked serving on the Nazaar.

Walking Bear stuck her name in for the posting and she got it. Life on the Sceltor was a little more formal and a little more routine but the Sceltor got missions that the Nazaar didn’t get as she was a much larger spaceframe. What hurt was that the Sceltor was an older ship, one that was on her last major tour before being decommissioned due to age-related concerns. Also Walking Bear decided to take a second medical course after she went over to the Sceltor.
Service Record Starfleet Academy - Alpha Centauri A/d - ALPHA CENTAURI
2384 to 2388 - Engineering Student
Cadet One / Four

USS Nazaar - Lafayette Class
2388 to 2390 - Engineering Officer

USS Sceltor - Akira Class
2390 to 2392 - Engineering Officer
Lieutenant JG

USS Orcim - Akira Class
2392 to 2393 - Assistant Chief Engineering Officer

USS Tranquility - Artemis Class
2393 to 2395 - Chief Engineering Officer

USS Niven - Steamrunner Class
2395 to 2398 - Chief Engineering Officer
Lieutenant / Lt Commander

USS Niven - Steamrunner Class
2398 to 2399 - Executive Officer
Lt Commander

USS Yarra - Intrepid Class
2399 to Present - Executive Officer